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Arkansas Just Misses Inclusion In Now-Meaningless USA Today Coaches Poll

The Razorbacks did get one vote. Bret Bielema is one of the voters. I don't see how those two things are related.

Streeter Lecka

Now that we're entering the Playoff Era of college football, the USA Today Coaches Poll is clearly more relevant than ever. Therefore, it is with great fanfare that we can report that the Arkansas Razorbacks did receive one vote in the preseason poll, released today.

As you might expect, Florida State comes in at #1 followed by Alabama, Oklahoma, and Oregon. The Razorbacks' first opponent, Auburn, came in at #5.

In addition to the Tide and Tigers, other Arkansas opponents in the poll are Georgia at #12, LSU at #13, Ole Miss at #19, Texas A&M at #20.  Missouri was the first team out, followed by Mississippi State (74 votes), Texas Tech (8 votes), and Northern Illinois tied with Arkansas with 1 vote.

It's up to the individual members of the Playoff Selection Committee to determine how much these traditional polls may or may not influence their decision-making. Some may want to go along with the groupthink while others may specifically want to go against the grain. We'll have to wait and see.  But we do know the Coaches Poll is much, MUCH less influential than it once was.

But we can all agree to never, ever refer to it as the Amway Poll, right?