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Arkansas Football: Cleanest Program in the SEC?

Knock on wood...

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

With 12 arrests or citations of Arkansas Football players between October 2010 and Bielema's hiring in December 2012, Arkansas was not sitting pretty in terms of off the field issues when Bret took over the program.  Since his hiring, only one player has been arrested or cited (Austin Flynn DWI) and that was over 500 days ago.  In fact, Arkansas is the only SEC Football program to have no arrests or citations in 2014. (much of the data for this article comes from

Before writing this article, I wanted to verify that this was a pattern and not an aberration for Bielema. I was pleased to see that going back to September 2011, only 2 players were cited or arrested at Wisconsin (no arrests since he left), which means that Bielema coached teams have only had three arrests or citations in the last 1,000+ days.

How does this compare to our yearly opponents?

Much has been made about the off season and off the field issues for many SEC programs.  Alabama, Georgia, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, and Tennessee have been the worst offenders.  Though all of the Tennessee's run-ins with the law happened on the same day.  Tennessee had 10 players (current and former) cited or arrested at one party in February 2014. Even Vanderbilt has had 2 arrests in the last year.

Alabama, Auburn, and Texas A&M have all had arrests in the month of June and have combined for 21 arrests in the last year.  Is this a question of the coaches?  Saban averages an arrest nearly every 100 days, while Mark Richt averages one every 75 days.

LSU had two players arrested the week before this article is posting.  One stole a bike and the other was throwing firecrackers that caused a fire.  Not every incident is a felony, but still glad it's not happening on The Hill.

If you believe in jinxes or curses, then you will see this article as the cause of the next off the field issue for a Razorback, but if you're like me, you start to think Bret really means the stuff he says when he tells you that he doesn't bring in the problem kids.