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SEC Network To Air Seven Classic Arkansas Football Games Prior To Season

Set your DVRs or be ready to stay up all night on Sunday August 24th. The SEC Network is going to attempt to compete with the Little League World Series and FXX's Simpsons marathon for your "it's almost football season" viewing.

Like any good 24-hour channel, the SEC Network needs filler. Thankfully, it appears they're avoiding all-night reruns of the Paul Finebaum Show and the Roll Tide/War Eagle documentary. In these early weeks at least, they plan airing classic SEC games, including a set for each team.

They're going to air five consecutive great Razorback games beginning at 9 p.m. Central on Sunday August 24th. Here's the list:

  • THE FIRST 7-OVERTIME GAME: 2001 Arkansas at Ole Miss (ARK 58, MISS 56) – Sun. 8/24 (9 p.m. CT)
  • THE WE GOT THAT WOOD PUT HIM IN THE HEISMAN GAME: 2007 Arkansas at LSU (ARK 50, LSU 48) – Mon. 8/25 (12 a.m. CT)
  • THE GAMEDAY GAME: 2006 Tennessee at Arkansas (ARK 31, TENN 14) – Mon. 8/25 (2 a.m. CT)
  • THE McFADDEN BEAT SPURRIER SO BAD HE DIDN'T VOTE DMAC FOR HEISMAN GAME: 2007 South Carolina at Arkansas (ARK 48, SC 36) – Mon. 8/25 (4:30 a.m. CT)
  • THE WE'RE GOING TO THE SUGAR BOWL GAME: 2010 LSU at Arkansas (ARK 31, LSU 23) – Mon. 8/25 (7 a.m. CT)

And as expected, there are a couple of Razorback heartbreakers included on other team's lists. For those nihilists out there:

  • 2007 Arkansas at Alabama (ALA 41, ARK 38) – Sat. 8/16 (2 a.m. CT)
  • 2006 SEC Championship Game – Arkansas vs. Florida (FLA 38, ARK 28) – Sat. 8/23 (2:30 a.m. CT)

Here's the full list for everybody. For those of you who believe the SEC and ESPN always give Arkansas the shaft whenever possible, I'm sure you'll note that the Arkansas game-winners won't be shown until after every other SEC team other than South Carolina, Missouri, and Texas A&M (other than the 2012 Alabama upset). You know, all the new guys.

Here's hoping they continue to air older games that predate the HD era.