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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: June 30 - 2015 NBA Draft, 2011 FB Class, Texas Tech, AND MORE

News, notes and interesting reads from around these here Interwebz.

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SB Nation brings you a (way too early) 2015 NBA mock draft. One of the more talent-filled drafts in quite some time came to an end last week, which, of course, makes us think of who might go in the first round of the next draft. But because Arkansas has somehow apparently pissed off the basketball gods, they will face several of the players projected to get guaranteed money. A Razorback may also be included. Guess you'll just have to click to find out.

Reevaluating Arkansas' 2011 recruiting class. The Razorbacks have had some stellar recruiting classes in the past, but of course, there have also been some duds, particularly during the Petrino era. 2010 wasn't a great class, and neither was the now senior class of 2011, but they did at least give us a couple of guys to be proud of. Bleacher Report is here to break down the 2011 class and give you an update on just how exactly the guys from that class are doing (which, mostly, isn't too good).

Here is everything you need to know about Texas Tech for when Arkansas plays in Lubbock in September. Advanced statistics stud Bill Connelly took an in-depth (understatement) look at the Red Raiders and 2nd year head coach Ryan Gosling Kliff Kingsbury. Texas Tech fell off towards the end of the season losing it last five games after a 7-0 start only to win its bowl game and carry momentum into the first few weeks of the season, where they'll meet Arkansas in good ole' Lubbock.

Razorbacks middle of the pack in SEC special teams rankings. Arkansas may not be expected to do much in many areas outside of the running back position, but the Razorbacks' special teams could be a bright spot. Arkansas returns Sam Irwin-Hill, the ambidextrous Aussie punter who booted an 85-yard punt in the spring game. Cole Hedlund is also expected to replace Zach Hocker this fall, but could he have too big of shoes to fill for a freshman?