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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: June 23 - Cobi Hamilton, B1G in SEC, SEC Media Days, AND MORE

Also some updates on a couple of the men's basketball players and the women's program!

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Former Razorback wide receiver Cobi Hamilton is ready to take on a bigger role with the Cincinnati Bengals. The long, fast receiver straight out of Texarkana who caught 90 passes for over 1,300 yards in his senior season with the Hogs is taking advantage of the opportunities in front of him. And while Cobi spent his rookie campaign on the practice squad, he's now ready to make the leap to key contributor in a potentially dangerous offense with former UGA WR AJ Green and Andy Dalton. Cincy is also attempting to slide Hamilton into a special teams role, where they believe he can also be effective. What do you think of that idea?

B1G superstars who would retain that status if they played in the Southeastern Conference. We in the Southern part of the United States often get quite the kick out of Big 10 football and the sometimes mindnumbing feeling it gives us when we watch. But just like every AQ conference, and a few non-AQs, the B1G has superstars of their own. Braxton Miller comes to mind immediately. Entering 2014, he is not only the face of the Ohio State program, but the Big 10 conference itself. Bleacher Report seems to believe Miller could still shine in the SEC. Who else from up North could make a name for themselves playing an SEC schedule?

Who should the Razorbacks bring to SEC Media Days? Yes, it's seriously about that time of the year again. SEC Media Days are just three weeks away, and its time for us to talk about who Coach B should bring along with him.

Michael Qualls/Bobby Portis Update & Jimmy Dykes working on team conditioning. A couple of the top players on the Razorback men's basketball team are doing everything they can to improve their games over the summer. Michael Qualls has been invited to a top skills camp, and BP is heading to the Nike EYBL camp for collegiate big men. These two improving their game even more could skyrocket Arkansas next season. Keep it up, fellas.

When Jimmy Dykes first began the conditioning program with his new squad, the new head coach was not pleased. At all. And now that Dykes has two hours per week with his team, conditioning has been a major point of emphasis. Like Mike Anderson's system, being in top physical condition is the key.