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Who Is The Biggest Villain In Arkansas Razorback History?

Some offseason bracket fun.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

We want to do something a little different. Every year, it seems there's always talk along the lines of who's the greatest Razorback ever or one ex-player who'd be a great fit for this team or something. We've certainly been part of it with the 5 Hogs we'd pay to see again. The statewide daily recently did a "who's the best Arkansas-born athlete in history?"

So we'd like to change the tone a bit. Who's the person in Razorback history that you just hate? That makes your blood boil? That you blame for causing a lot of pain and suffering to Hog fans?  Is their an opposing player you needed to destroy above all others?

This could be anybody. Any sport. It can be a player or a coach or an athletic director or an opposing coach or player. It can be a recruit or a coach who spurned Fayetteville. It could be the sports editor at the statewide daily or a former student-athlete development coordinator. Whoever.

We're going to do this bracket-style so here's how it's going to work. Today is open submission day. Submit your choice on the form below. I'll take all the answers and form a bracket out of it. The top vote-getter will be the 1-seed and so forth. We'll do another post with the top 16 or top 8 (depending on how the votes go) and start the bracket tomorrow.

Voting will be open until 11am Tuesday. Central time of course, as God intended.

And feel free to defend your choice in the comment section.