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Five Razorbacks I'd Pay to Watch Again

I've come up with five Razorbacks I would empty my wallet out to watch play again. Who's on your list?

Wesley Hitt

Largely in part to the folks over at And the Valley Shook and their post idea about which five SEC football players they would pay to see play one more time, I have decided to try and come up with five players on my own that I would like to see play again. But this time, I'm picking five Razorbacks that I've seen play, and from a variety of sports.

The players I will list are guys that I have either seen play in person or remember watching on television as a kid (and no, I never actually saw the 94 team play so Corliss or Scotty Thurman aren't here).

This was fairly easy for me. And again, this is just my personal opinion. I'd love to get your feedback. And these are in order of who I'd like to see play most. Here we go:

1. Darren McFadden

This was the most obvious choice I think. I mean, what Arkansas fan/follower wouldn't want to see arguably the greatest running back in UA history one last time, flexing and showing us the "501 BOY" tattoos on his biceps? When I was telling my dad about this post and I named DMAC right off the bat, he said that McFadden was probably the best he's seen at the running back position at Arkansas.

If I had to see him play in one more game, I'd make sure that he was playing either South Carolina or LSU. He seemed always bring his A-game when he faced them. We may never see another back like him at Arkansas. He's my No. 1 choice here. What can I say, he's got that wood.

2. Matt Jones

He always seemed to be running in slow motion, but before you knew it he would stiff arm a defender into the ground and he'd be 25 yards downfield thanks to what seemed like his 4-5 yard strides. And if you want to talk about elusive, Jones was all of that. And his throwing arm was better than some gave him credit for.

Oh, and thanks a million for the Miracle on Markham. That was great.

3. Joe Adams

I'd pay good money just to watch Joe Jesus stand back there and field punts for one more game. Every time he touched the ball you had the feeling he was going to do something special with it. When he returned punts, I got the same feeling as when I watched Johnny Manziel run around and make folks miss. He brought an infinite amount of excitement into those few second, making SEC athletes look like fools trying to bring him down *cough* Tennessee *cough*.

A player like Joe Adams is one of the several things the current Razorback football team has been missing. Korliss Marshall may be the closest player Arkansas has had to Joe since he left. He had a fire, and a competitiveness about him that I loved. And for that, we thank you, Joe.

4. Jonathon Modica

Pookie is a good ole south Arkansas boy, just down the road in Smackover, about an hour from where I grew up. He's just one of the many incredible shootyhoopers to come out of Union County in the past. Modica led the Hogs in scoring his sophomore season at nearly 17 points per game. He averaged double figures in every season but one, and even in that season he averaged over nine per contest.

He was also Ronnie Brewer's right hand man, who I hated to leave off the list, but I just loved Modica's game. He could flat fill it up, leaving the U of A 12th on the all-time scoring list. And nowadays, he goes by DOCTOR Jonathon Modica.

5. Brett Eibner

Probably the last great slugger and power hitter to come through and play in the Razorback baseball program. But he could do more than just hit moonshots like the one vs Virginia in the College World Series. I've heard stories of Eibner being clocked at 96 MPH throwing to the plate... from centerfield. Cannon.

He was also a power pitcher and solid closer, blowing fastballs right by guys. I'd like to watch Eibner go yard one more time, or throw a laser from the outfield and nab a runner. He's now playing pro ball (currently in the minors) and recently had 9 RBI in a game. He's pretty good. Oh, and in his spare time, he just happens to be a model for Southern Swim. He's that dude.