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Poll: How Long Have You Been a Razorback Fan?

For 56 Years Frank Broyles has been with this program. How about you?

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

I was there when the grass in the middle of Donal W. Reynold's Stadium was named after Frank Broyles, and while the involvement in decisions in the athletic department has since waned, Frank continued to serve for another 7 years raising funds in order to keep our athletic programs fed.

Frank Broyles has been a contributor to the Athletic programs on the University of Arkansas Campus for 56 years and it's time to say good bye.

All of that got me thinking though.  How long have our contributors, readers, and commenters been fans?

I've only been a Razorback fan for 10 years.  It's not my fault.  I wasn't raised to be an Arkansas fan.  I chose to be an Arkansas fan when I chose my college.  There were a lot of things that happened before I showed up on campus, and while I wasn't an Arkansas fan, I still remember the 1994 National Championship, and take a lot of pride when I watch the video.  I wasn't even watching the Stoernover, but I was talking with a coworker the other day about it when he was asking me what I really thought about Houston Nutt.

I don't think having 10 years or 50 years as a Razorback fan changes anything about who you are and how much you care about the Razorbacks.  So answer the poll, and tell us in the comments a little more about when you started rooting for the Razorbacks and some highlights or lowlights of  your time.