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SEC Baseball Power Rankings: May 27

The SEC Tournament is over and regionals have been announced. There was plenty of movement in this week's power rankings.

Crystal Logiudice-US PRESSWIRE

1. Florida, 40-21 (21-9), RPI 3, LW: 1

As #2 overall seed, I think they drew a tough group, at least from a historical perspective. Long Beach St., UNC, and College of Charleston are all historically strong programs and have made noise in the NCAA Tournament in the past. Also, their super regional partner could potentially be Miami, who beat them two out of three in the early part of the season.

2. LSU, 44-14-1 (17-11-1), RPI 9, LW: 5

These guys absolutely own the SEC Tournament in Hoover. That helped them win their way into the final national seed. The SEC joined the ACC as the only two conferences with two national seeds.

3. Vanderbilt, 41-18 (17-13), RPI 8, LW: 4

I like their regional and super regional draw. They pair up with Indiana for the super, and will have to travel to Bloomington. I like Vandy's chances of making the College World Series, simply because of their draw.

4. Ole Miss, 41-18 (19-11), RPI 13, LW: 2

They went to Hoover with a real shot of receiving a national seed, but the Razorbacks destroyed all hope for that. Nonetheless, I like the regional draw for the Rebels. Interesting enough, if Mississippi State can win the Louisiana-Lafayette regional, the Rebels and Bulldogs could meet in a super regional with a trip to Omaha on the line.

5. South Carolina, 42-16 (18-12), RPI 14, LW: 3

The Gamecocks don't have the toughest teams coming to their regional. Maryland is the one threat, but I don't think they have any problem making it past them.

6. Arkansas, 38-23 (16-14), RPI 33, LW: 9

Simply put, the Hogs got screwed with their regional placement. Virginia is the #1 team in the RPI, and that's even if they get past Liberty (RPI 30) in the first round. I think they should have been sent to Stillwater instead of Nebraska.

7. Mississippi State, 37-22 (18-12), RPI 30, LW: 7

I think they got a fair shake by being sent to Lafayette. It well be a tough place to play, but it is not an unwinnable situation.

8. Kentucky, 35-23 (14-16), RPI 20, LW: 7

I'm not sure Louisville is happy to see Kentucky in their regional. I like the Wildcats chances to make it to Tallahassee for the super.

9. Alabama, 34-22 (15-14), RPI 21, LW: 8

The good news for Crimson Tide is that I think they can save their best starter for Saturday against Florida State. The bad news is that I'm not sure it will ultimately matter.

10. Texas A&M, 33-24 (14-16), RPI 42, LW: 10

Good news: the Aggies don't have to travel far for their regional. Bad news: I give them a 0% chance of getting past either host team Rice or #2 seed Texas.

11. Tennessee, 31-23 (12-18), RPI 51, LW: 11

12. Georgia, 26-29-1 (11-18-1), RPI 59, LW: 12

13. Auburn, 28-28 (10-20), RPI 76, LW: 13

14. Missouri, 20-33 (6-24), RPI 142, LW: 14