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Arkansas vs Missouri Football Game Officially Moved To Friday After Thanksgiving, November 28th

The Razorbacks will get to keep their traditionally Friday after Thanksgiving slot, after all.

Jamie Squire

CBS announced on Tuesday that they will air the Ozarkolypse Battle of the Hillpeople Loser Gets Branson Bowl football game between Arkansas and Missouri on the Friday after Thanksgiving, November 28th at 1:30 CST.

This should be good news for Arkansas fans who had become accustomed to playing LSU on that day over most of the last 20 years, but were afraid of losing the unique timeslot when the SEC moved the schedule around to accommodate LSU and Texas A&M's desire to end their regular season against each other.

The Razorbacks have long felt that playing on Friday, with little other competition for eyeballs among college football fans, provided valuable exposure for the program.  We'll have to wait and see if playing Missouri will provide the same ratings and attention and playing LSU, but this is good news for Arkansas nonetheless.