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Arkansas Razorbacks vs South Carolina Gamecocks Preview

At least part of the game will be on TV, if the LSU non-conference baseball game doesn't go into too many extra innings.



South Carolina Gamecocks

Record: 10-15, 3-9 in SEC

Won last two games, against Vanderbilt and Alabama, both in Columbia. Before that, they'd lost nine of their last ten games.

Stats That Matter

In SEC play, South Carolina is the worst team in the league in turnover rate. Arkansas is the SEC leader in forcing turnovers. The Gamecocks allow their opponents to steal the ball on 11.9% of their possessions - worst in the conference. That should feed right into Arkansas' pressure.

Arkansas ranks 3rd in the SEC (in conference play) in 3 point percentage and South Carolina is 10th in three point defense, so the Hogs should get plenty of opportunities for long balls.

The Gamecocks are pretty good though at getting offensive rebounds, which is of course one of Arkansas' weaknesses. Their 38.9 offensive rebounding percentage ranks 13th in the country. Michael Carrera and Demetrius Henry are their best offensive rebounders. If South Carolina can get enough easy baskets on put-backs and second chance points, they can keep the game competitive.

How South Carolina Could Win

Arkansas must contain senior shooting guard Brenton Williams. He's the only player on the team who shoots a lot of threes, and he's pretty good at it. He's 62-146 (42.5%) from behind the arc so far this year. The Hogs can't allow him to have a career night. The good news is that he's only 5'11" so a good on-the-ball defender should be able to keep him under control.

What's Most Likely To Happen

This along with the Auburn game are the two easiest-looking games on Arkansas' SEC schedule. The Razorbacks are taller, more experienced, and have more talented players.

KenPom gives Arkansas an 84% chance of winning.

Postseason impact: Minimal if Arkansas wins, but it would be a terrible loss if the Hogs lose.


8:00 pm Central Time

Bud Walton Arena, Fayetteville Arkansas

TV: CSS, or CST if you have Cox, although Cox announced today they won't be showing the game until the LSU/SLU baseball game ends. You read that correctly.