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Arkansas Releases Game of Thrones-Themed Hype Video For Mississippi State

And it's pretty awesome

This is the best hype video. Has to be. They did miss an opportunity to say, "You either win or you die" but that might have been a tad extreme.

That Game of Thrones slightly remixed theme is really great. The Razorback band played that song during basketball season last year and it sounded really good. They should do it more.

And while we're watching hype videos and we have some time before kickoff tonight, let's remember the last couple of times the Razorbacks knocked off the nation's top-ranked team.

Here's highlights from the 2007 LSU 3OT classic

1. How did Peyton Hillis get that wide open on that breakaway run?

2. I'd forgotten that McFadden wasn't even on the field for that last 2-point conversion.

3. For three hours, maybe four hours...

And here's the 1981 Texas game:

Always awesome to see those goalposts come down and to see Lou Holtz running through the fans. Arkansas has four wins all-time against #1. Can they make it five?