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Arkansas Razorback Internet Chatter: Oct. 14 - Bama's Reaction to Win, #BamaWeek Takeaways, SEC Recap AND MORE!

Plus, Bielema believes his team will rebound from a pair of tough losses, and the Tweet of the Week!

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Following the second straight emotionally draining game in two weeks for Alabama, Nick Saban was prompted to speak with the media about unfair expectations for his team. The Crimson Tide escaped Fayetteville with a win Saturday, but it apparently wasn't enough for most Bama fans, who took to message boards to vent their feelings about beating lowly Arkansas by just a point. You may not believe this, but Saban has one of the more challenging jobs in the country, keeping an uber talented, but young team motivated through all their success.

There were so many things to take away from Saturday's loss to Alabama. For one, the Razorbacks left at least 11 points on the field. Secondly, Arkansas' defense might just be something fierce. If anyone deserved to win the game, it was Robb Smith's defense. They played out of their minds. Thirdly, PENN WAGERS AHHH. SB Nation's Adam Jacobi has his own takeaways from the game, and he think the Tide could just be an average football team.

A whole heck of a lot happened in the SEC last weekend, and the conference became more mad than it was when goalposts were coming down in Oxford. MISSSISSIPPI STATE IS NOW THE NO. 1 TEAM IN THE COUNTRY AND I NEED A DRINK Y'ALL. Georgia also went into Missouri and curbstomped Maty Mauk and the Tigers without Todd Gurley. LSU also won a game on a field goal, which Arkansas knows nothing of. This conference, man. It's just madness.

Another enormous opportunity slipped through Arkansas' grasp (I'm kind of getting tired of writing this) Saturday, failing to close out a top 10 opponent for the second time in as many games. It shows the progress that's being made, but at some point the "almost" has to come to an end. Bret Bielema think it will, and soon. Well that's great, coach, because you've got another top 10 team coming to see you in Little Rock.

Tweet of the Week

This tweet is everything.