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Arkansas Razorbacks 87, Kentucky Wildcats 85: Y'all Won't Believe What Happened


Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

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We'll be back for more on Wednesday, but Michael Qualls probably got himself a 4th appearance on the SportsCenter Top 10.

My God the eruption in Bud Walton Arena when he did that.  I'll try to describe that after the press conferences. They'll be talking about that for a long time.

I still can't believe it. Qualls had been so badly trying to hit a big dunk the whole game. He's had such a putrid first couple of SEC games. He was already having a good game and then that happened.

That's an all-timer. Destined for pre-game intro videos and hype videos for a long time. Amazing.

We'll be back for a full recap in a bit.