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Arkansas Basketball Fails To Earn NIT Bid

The Razorbacks miss the postseason for the fifth consecutive year.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Arkansas will be sitting at home during tournament time again.

The Hogs were hoping for an NIT bid to continue the season, but it appears the season is over. It's unknown if Arkansas would accept a bid to the CBI Tournament, but as it's a pay-to-play event, we don't know if it's something the Razorbacks would do.

With only three SEC teams in the NCAA Tournament, the Razorbacks were not a lock for the NIT as it was assumed Tennessee, Alabama, and Kentucky would all make the field ahead of Arkansas, and it was unknown exactly how many SEC teams the NIT would be willing to take. Arkansas was hoping for a fourth SEC team in the fourth quadrant but it didn't work out.

The Hogs waved bye bye to any hopes of an NCAA Tournament at large bid weeks ago, but obviously, Arkansas' body of work throughout the season at home and the one road win at Auburn was not enough to get Arkansas to play beyond the SEC Tournament for the first time since 2008.