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Staring Into the Void

Last night's entirely uninspiring but not at all unexpected loss to Florida not only marks the merciful end of the basketball season, it also signals the beginning of a loooong dead zone in the major Razorback sports before football kicks in again. (No offense to baseball or any of the other spring sports...they're just not our thing.)

But, never fear! Your intrepid observers and commentators at Razorback Expats will be bravely soldiering on through this slow period. Although we will be laying off most of our intern staff, our federal bailout check will be coming soon and that $6 billion should sustain us until August.

As long as players are getting arrested, Wally Hall is cranking out Pulitzer material and Lane Kiffin is doing stupid stuff we'll be able to find things to write about. And we have a few surprises up our sleeves, as well. Stay tuned!