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Pittman and Jimmy Sexton: Time for a Raise!

NCAA Football: Missouri at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

When Coach Sam Pittman was hired two years ago, the salary he would receive was the last thing on his mind. Sam Pittman just wanted to put work in and achieve what he thought was possible with his dream job.

Since then, he has done exactly that.

In fact, when hired by Hunter Yuracheck, there were numerous contract incentives for Pittman to gain more money during the seasons. Pittman has gathered each incentive this season finishing with an 8-4 record and a pending bowl game.

It’s no surprise that Pittman is hiring Memphis based Jimmy Sexton as his new agent. Now that “the work” I mentioned earlier is in full motion, it’s time for that money to follow. Pittman has earned this, there’s no denying that.

While many Razorback fans might not be thrilled with the news, remember that Coach Pittman is only doing what any other coach (or person) would do in this scenario.

Hard work and results = payoff.

In the college football world, that means big bucks for the head coach. Bringing Jimmy Sexton into the picture will certainly do that for the head hog.

Pittman is one of the lowest paid coaches in the SEC, Eric Musselman currently makes more than Sam Pittman. Arkansas is one of the lone universities where the basketball coach is making more than the football coach. In the SEC world, that is nearly unheard of.

After this season, Nick Saban will likely be making $10 million per year. LSU’s new head coach Brian Kelly is making $9.5 million per year. Pittman is making $3.25 million per year.

I don’t expect Pittman to go anywhere anytime soon, as he has stressed many times that Arkansas will be his final job.

I do expect however for Sam Pittman’s bank account to grow soon, in a very big way.