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Chaos in College Football: Arkansas Could Benefit

NCAA Football: Missouri at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

What a crazy day in college football. This coming after a very wild Saturday full of college football. Can I just say how nice it is to not have a program in one of these coaching carousels?

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Arkansas just finished off their best regular season since 2011 and a bowl game (unknown as of now) awaits the Hogs. Morale is high, confidence is there and a much needed sense of stability is present among the Razorback football program.

So, with Lincoln Riley bailing on OU for USC, the LSU job still open and Texas in shambles after a horrific season; how does this benefit the Razorbacks?

While I can’t say any of that will help the Razorbacks for certain, I do have a feeling it will play a role in strengthening our program in the long run; especially in recruiting.

There are numerous commits to OU that had strong relationships with Arkansas, but ultimately chose the Sooners. Will any of these players, such as Gentry Williams out of Tulsa or Luke Hasz out of Bixby take a second look at the nearby Razorbacks?

Both recruits gave Arkansas legitimate looks in their recruitment process. Picking up just one of these two recruits would be a huge get for Arkansas.

LSU usually recruits well within it’s borders, but with the program in limbo it’s going to be hard to convince me that Sam Pittman and his staff aren’t making strong efforts in Louisiana right now.

I haven’t even mentioned the state of Texas and how much the Razorback success this season could impact recruitment there.

Wins over A&M and Texas will pay off in the recruitment process for the Hogs.

Small things contribute to the bigger picture. Sam Pittman and his staff has proven their ability to recruit, although not at what some would call an “elite level” so far.

I think that might change soon. The class of 2023 has already started strong as we’ve discussed before. The future is bright in Arkansas.

If you use Twitter, take a moment to glance at some of the interactions from higher rated recruits to Arkansas.

This run of success is catching the eye of kids eager to play for a hungry program.

Enjoy this stability right now. We’ve endured some tough times, it’s finally our turn to take a breath and enjoy these moments.

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