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Arkansas Razorbacks News - TCU Previews and Offensive Line Fixes

Plus Jeff Long having fun with TCU fans on twitter!

NCAA Football: Louisiana Tech at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Now that week one has passed, it’s time to focus on the Razorbacks’ marquee non-conference game. An old SWC reunion against TCU. Both teams had underwhelming season openers, and both still have plenty of questions going forward so this game could go a lot of different directions. The Dallas Morning News has a pretty spot on preview of the Hogs, giving TCU fans a look into what is rolling into Fort Worth this weekend.

The offensive line issues have been well documented this week, but new O-Line coach Kurt Anderson is staying away from the panic button right now. He was quick to point out plenty of mistakes were made by his unit against Louisiana Tech, but they were fixable mistakes. Another thing to point out is that one of the most underrated parts of Alex Collins’ game, picking up blitzes from the backfield, was sorely missed and also played a part in the pass blocking struggles.

If you’ve taken a look at the Week 2 college football schedule, I’m sorry. As good as the season opening matchups were, this week is the opposite. Because there are so few big games, the Hogs made the list of Bill Connelly’s top ten matchups this week and gave a prediction. For it being a true road game, I am a little surprised how close he has it. TCU is ahead in S&P+ but just barely.

Remember Kenny Hill? The guy who set the SEC, and the Razorback secondary, ablaze the first month of the 2014 season before falling apart? Good news Hog fans, you’ll get to watch him again as the leader of TCU’s offense. After sitting out last year as a transfer, Hill was a part of five TCU touchdowns last weekend. Bret Bielema gets another shot at trying to corral him this weekend.

Jeff Long has a history of having some fun on social media, that continued this weekend. Apparently some TCU fans are not over the playoff selections in 2014 and let Long know about it. He responded by having some fun deciphering an acronym from a Horned Frog fan. Please never change Jeff.