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Arkansas Razorbacks News - A Win Is A Win

What people had to say about a season opener that was too close for comfort.

Louisiana Tech v Arkanss Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

It wasn’t pretty, but a one point win is still a win, even against Louisiana Tech. Clearly the Hogs have some things to work on, and Bielema laid out a few things after the game. Some interesting takeaways from it, Bielema already saying he wants to give Devwah Whaley more carries, but kept the experienced players in because of the close score. On the defensive side the Head Hog was particularly impressed with Randy Ramsey and McTelvin Agim.

If you want some more analysis from an outside perspective, TeamSpeedKills has the three things they learned from the game. They talked about Rawleigh Williams and inefficiency on third down, but Keon Hatcher’s return especially stood out to them and me as well. Hatcher looked ready and healthy after missing so much of 2015. His run after a catch where he showed off some gumby-like moves to stay off the turf was one of the biggest plays of the game.

Jimmy Carter also did some good film breakdown on the game, most notably on the struggles the offensive line had. There were concerns on how the new unit would work together after a lot of pieces moved around in fall camp and some players had some struggles against Louisiana Tech’s scheme. With TCU coming up, there are some issues that need to be fixed quickly.

Here is how every SEC team graded out after week one. Arkansas wasn’t great, but certainly did a whole lot better than some other teams. Obviously a one point win isn’t how you want to start the season, but Arkansas is 1-0 and there are several SEC teams who would rather be in that position right now.