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Going Ham Podcast: Arkansas vs Texas State Preview

Cory and Razor do their best to not look past Texas State, despite Texas A&M’s looming presence.

NCAA Football: Louisiana Tech at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

On this week’s preview episode, Razor and I talk about the upcoming game against the Texas State Bobcats. After the Hog’s poor showing against Louisiana Tech, games like Texas State can clearly not be overlooked. And yet, fans (including ourselves) seem to have a hard time keeping the topic on the Bobcats, and not on the Aggies.

We also discuss how the Bobcats match up well with Arkansas, and can help get the Razorbacks ready for the rest of the season. Texas State will wing the ball all over the field, and has a somewhat mobile QB. This will give the Hogs a chance to keep working on pass rush and pass coverage, which is much needed.

Offensively, the Bobcats gave up 54 points to Ohio in their 3 overtime win, so this could be a big chance for Arkansas to develop a running game, and to get some big experience snaps for some of the other guys on the roster.

Finally, we discuss the 2017 Arkansas football schedule, which was released this week. While it doesn’t have a great home slate of games, it does have some nice match ups for the Hogs, especially toward the end of the season.