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Going Ham Podcast: Arkansas Gets Froggy and Leaps into Top 25

The Razorbacks defeated TCU in double overtime to move to 2-0.

Arkansas v TCU Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

On this episode of Going Ham, we bask in the afterglow of yet another heart stopping overtime victory. I’ll never complain about a win on the road, but it would be nice if they were all like LSU last year instead of EVERY OTHER ROAD WIN.

Razor and I were scratchy voiced and still bourbon breathed as we broke down the biggest moments from the TCU game, good and bad. Is it time we hire a special teams coach? Will the offensive line ever come together?

One thing is for sure about this team, and particularly Austin Allen...they have grit. True Grit, even. It’s week 2, and Austin Allen has already lead his second 4th quarter comeback drive. The running game started clicking, and the defense just might be for real.

The TCU game left us overheated and woo pig’d out, but there’s a real possibility that the Hogs walk into Dallas in 2 weeks with a 3-0 record and being ranked in the top 20 for their match-up with A&M. I would not have believed that in the preseason.

Woo Pig!