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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: February 9th

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Your Arkansas Razorbacks make the highest jump in this week's rankings!

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1. Texas A&M Aggies 18-5 (7-3), RPI 17, LW: 1

After starting 7-0 in conference, they've dropped three in a row. It doesn't get any easier as they have two road games this week at Alabama and at LSU.

2. Kentucky Wildcats 17-6 (7-3), RPI 19, LW: 2

They absolutely trashed Florida this weekend on CBS. It shows the big gap between two and three in the rankings.

3. Florida Gators 15-8 (6-4), RPI 22, LW: 3

Like I said above, they got exposed in Lexington, but who doesn't?

4. South Carolina Gamecocks 19-3 (7-3), RPI 26, LW: 4

I thought about moving them up after their big road win over A&M, but that was their first win over a team that is likely to make the NCAA Tournament. If they win this week and the Gators lose, there will likely be a flip next week.

5. LSU Tigers 15-8 (8-2), RPI 75, LW: 5

These guys are an interesting case study on a couple of things. First, how weak is the SEC if a team 8-2 in league play is 75 in the RPI? Second, how terrible were they in the non-conference to be have their RPI dragged down by all those losses? Yet, here they are at first place in the standings.

6. Georgia Bulldogs 13-8 (6-4), RPI 63, LW: 6

They're up for their shellacking in Lexington tonight, but they picked up an impressive win last week over South Carolina. They still have a lot of work to be done to make the NCAA Tournament, but they're knocking on the door.

7. Vanderbilt Commodores 13-10 (5-5), RPI 58, LW: 7

It seems this team should be so much better than they are. But, they lost at Ole Miss last week. If they're going to lose all their games to great opponents, they have to win against all the mediocre ones.

8. Arkansas Razorbacks 12-11 (5-5), RPI 88, LW: 11

The Hogs easily make the biggest jump in the power rankings this week. I've come to eat my crow as they won two of three games (A&M, Tech, FLA) when I said they would lose all three. They've won three of their last four and are probably the hottest team out side of the top two right now. Their schedule is highly favorable to finish out. I don't think they go undefeated to finish out, but that isn't out of the question given the schedule.

9. Ole Miss Rebels 15-8 (5-5), RPI 82, LW: 10

Andy Kennedy does a phenomenal job of not going to the NCAA Tournament in back to back years.

10. Alabama Crimson Tide 13-9 (4-6), RPI 53, LW: 12

They played to two worst teams in the league and came out 2-0.

11. Tennessee Volunteers 11-12 (4-6), RPI 110, LW: 8

It's a corny joke, but if you look up the definition of "inconsistent" in the dictionary, Tennessee men's basketball has to be under one of the definitions. They've lost to Alabama, Auburn, TCU and Arkansas, but have beaten Florida, South Carolina, and Kentucky.

12. Auburn Tigers 9-13 (3-7), RPI 114, LW: 9

It's really simple. They've lost five games in a row.

13. Mississippi State Bulldogs 9-13 (2-8), RPI 171, LW: 13

If chalk holds, they'll win one more game and that's against Auburn in the season finale.

14. Missouri Tigers 8-15 (1-9), RPI 198, LW: 14

Apparently, they've imposed a post season ban on the program until forever.