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Arkansas Will Wear Anthracite Uniforms vs Florida

They’re back

Mississippi State v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Arkansas announced Friday morning that the Razorbacks will be bringing back the famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view) anthracite uniforms for the game against Florida this weekend.

Here’s the video announcement:

I believe this will be the first time Arkansas has worn the not-quite-black uniforms since 2013. This iteration will be a little bit different than the version the Hogs wore back then. For instance, this time, Arkansas will wear an anthracite helmet with a silver/chrome Razorback logo on it instead of the red stickers in the 2013 image above. I think that’s a good choice.

Arkansas doesn’t have a great record with changing into special uniforms, it seems. Although to be fair, it seems most of the time the Hogs have tried it was during the 2012-13 stinkbomb era. Arkansas did beat Kentucky in anthracite uniforms in 2012, but lost the next week to Ole Miss and lost that 2013 game to Mississippi State. The basketball team has had success in anthracite, however. They’ve beaten Missouri in them the last two seasons.