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Arkansas Football Phraseology: Field and Boundary Corner

phra·se·ol·o·gy noun a mode of expression, especially one characteristic of a particular speaker or writer. This series will take a brief look at some terminology that is both Arkansas Football specific and those that are used across the College Football landscape.

Created by Josh Goforth

Field Corner: The defensive back that lines up on the wide side of the field and in college football this plays a larger factor than the NFL game.

2017 Starter: Ryan Pulley (out for season after week 1) Kamren Curl,

2016 Starter: Jared Collins

In the above image you can see the difference between college and NFL field dimensions.

The standard football field is 53 1/3 yards, or 160 feet, wide. The primary difference among different levels of play is the space between the two sets of hash marks:

High School — 53 feet, 4 inches

College — 40 feet

NFL — 18 feet, 6 inches

This more dramatic shift in spacing has lead to the evolution of specialized roles for the cornerback position. Added space means more territory for the receivers to find openings so generally coverage’s shift a FS over the top to help. Depending on the coverage call 4, 3 or 2, or if in a man technique there will likely be an underneath flat defender falling into the field side. Arkansas in 2017 will primarily use Ryan Pulley as the FC (Field Corner)

Boundary Corner: Cornerback that lines up closes to the short side of the field. Typically this corner can play tighter coverage and may be able to use press man or bail techniques.

2017 Roster Henre’ Tolliver 1st String Boundary Corner, 2016 Tolliver/Pulley