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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: February 16th

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There is a new team at number one!

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

1. Kentucky Wildcats 19-6 (9-3), RPI 14, LW: 2

After losing at Tennessee, this team has seemed to find their stride by beating their last three opponents (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina) by a combined 80 points.

2. South Carolina Gamecocks 20-4 (8-4), RPI 26, LW: 4

This is just a weird conference. They beat A&M and LSU, but then lost to Kentucky by 27 at home.

3. Florida Gators 16-9 (7-5), RPI 31, LW: 3

They're definitely still a solid team, but no one saw them losing at home Alabama like they did this past weekend.

4. Texas A&M Aggies 18-7 (7-5), RPI 25, LW: 1

The Aggies continue their epic meltdown as they've lost five of their last six now.

5. LSU Tigers 16-9 (9-3), RPI 69, LW: 5

Giggity. But seriously, If they'd beating South Carolina this past week, they probably would have jumped to two. There isn't a lot separating two through five now.

6. Alabama Crimson Tide 15-9 (6-6), RPI 34, LW: 10

Could this been an overreaction to beating Florida and A&M in the same week? Probably, but bah gawd king those are two huge wins.

7. Georgia Bulldogs 14-9 (7-5), RPI 66, LW: 6

A status quo week losing to Kentucky by 34 and beating Mississippi State by nine. Pretty much the same thing.

8. Vanderbilt Commodores 15-10 (7-5), RPI 53, LW: 7

One of my first power rankings in conference play I said that Vandy wouldn't make the NCAA Tournament. I'm still standing by that statement, but they are making me nervous.

9. Ole Miss Rebels 16-9 (6-6), RPI 85, LW: 9

They could easily get to 20 wins, but no where close to the NCAA Tournament.

10. Arkansas Razorbacks 12-13 (5-7), RPI 114, LW: 8

Any chance of an NCAA Tournament at-large bid died in the state of Mississippi last week.

11. Tennessee Volunteers 12-13 (5-7), RPI 124, LW: 11

They took a huge RPI hit losing to the Missouri Tigers of the Ohio Valley Conference.

12. Auburn Tigers 9-15 (3-9), RPI 141, LW: 12

They've lost seven in a row, and all of them were by double digits.

13. Mississippi State Bulldogs 10-14 (3-9), RPI 173, LW: 13

Their 32 point victory over the Hogs was their largest margin of victory this season. Their previous was a 25 point win over Tennessee-Martin.

14. Missouri Tigers 9-16 (2-10), RPI 197, LW: 14

I'm sure the dozens in attendance loved the upset over Tennessee on Saturday.