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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: January 5th

The Fever is back for the conference slate.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

1. Kentucky Wildcats 11-2 (1-0) RPI 6

Once again, they are the class of the conference. They've played the 11th toughest strength of schedule with big wins over Duke, Arizona State, and Louisville.

2. Texas A&M Aggies 11-2 (1-0) RPI 20

The Aggies are good again for the first time since the Acie Law IV days. They currently hold a lead in the Big 12 standings as well with wins over Texas, Kansas State and Baylor.

3. South Carolina Gamecocks 12-0 (1-0) RPI 33

They remain one of three undefeated teams, but that may be because their schedule has been a giant dookie emoji up to this point. While there strength of schedule is 287, I will give them credit for being undefeated.

4. Florida Gators 9-4 (1-0) RPI 15

On a Hog fan note, I knew they would miss KeVaughn Allen, but dang. He has done really well at Florida. It's early in the Mike White era, but it looks like he is holding his own after following a legend. Allen's exploded the last few games for 11, 15, 32, and 18 points.

5. Ole Miss Rebels 10-3 (0-1) RPI 52

These poor guys always have to open their SEC season at Kentucky every year. Their strength of schedule isn't great either at 173, and took a big RPI hit by losing to George Mason (RPI 161).

6. Alabama Crimson Tide 9-3 (0-0) RPI 46

I really didn't want rank them as this good of a team, but when I looked at the other resume's this is where we are at in the SEC. Yes, they lost at Dayton by 32. However, they do have two solid wins over Wichita State and Notre Dame. In year one, Avery Johnson has set himself up to make the NCAA Tournament if the Crimson Tide play well in SEC play.

7. Vanderbilt Commodores 8-5 (0-1) RPI 59

I projected them to finish between 3rd in the SEC and they are already falling into the Kevin Stallings lull. They have a nice win over Wake Forest, but complete crapped the bed in their SEC opener against LSU.

8. Georgia Bulldogs 7-4 (0-1) RPI 51

They lost to Florida in the conference opener, but they don't have a bod loss. We've hit that section of the rankings. No bad losses, but no great wins either.

9. Auburn Tigers 7-5 (1-0) RPI 72

They are still a few pieces away from being back to where Bruce Pearl was at with Tennessee, but there is clear progress with this team.

10. Tennessee Volunteers 7-6 (0-1) RPI 97

They probably aren't even worthy of being 10, but these resumes at this point of the rankings are getting rough. UT's best win is over in-state rival East Tennessee State.

11. Arkansas Razorbacks 6-7 (0-1) RPI 115

It breaks my heart to put them this low, but they will be better next year. I can live with this year after the year they had last year.

12. LSU Tigers 8-5 (1-0) RPI 144

These guys have made me respect John Calipari's coaching ability more. LSU has the players to be a top 15 team, without a doubt. Their coach has held them back to here. At least Cal isn't leading his players to an 8-5 record.

13. Missouri Tigers 7-6 (0-0) RPI  125

I'll be shocked the day I don't have to put two numbers beside Missouri.

14. Mississippi State Bulldogs 7-5 (0-0) RPI 179

Their best win is over RPI 235 Tennessee-Martin. That's depressing.