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Tusk Talk Podcast: 2016 Question Marks Left By Alex Collins, Recruiting, & More

Football news is still dominating the headlines in the midst of basketball season.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Chad and I are back to talk about the Hog football news from the weekend and how it will all impact the 2016 season.

The biggest story of course is Alex Collins' departure from the NFL. It wasn't a shock to anybody, but where does this leave Arkansas for next fall? How big of a role will freshmen have to play? Also, we discuss Arkansas' new offensive line coach, Kurt Anderson, and whether or not we think he'll be a good fit for what Arkansas needs.

We also get into recruiting a little bit. Arkansas suffered a decommitment from linebacker Jordan Carmouche and we wonder what the deal is with the Razorbacks and linebackers? Also, how is this class shaping up a few weeks until Signing Day? All that and more on this edition of Tusk Talk.

As always, you can obviously listen to the show right here or you can download the Razorback Sports Radio app from Vsporto on iTunes or Android, where you'll find this show and other great Hog-related podcast content. Also, thanks to our friends at Fox Sports Arkansas, you can now find the show on iTunes individually like pretty much any other normal podcast, so you can subscribe to it and leave comments. Thanks for listening!