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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: January 13

Consider this your doctor's note for your mid-week #SECBasketballFever

Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

1. Kentucky Wildcats 13-3 (3-1), RPI 8, LW: 1

Yes, they lost at LSU, but their four top 50 wins are still better than anyone else in the conference. If they lose a couple of more like that, they will drop.

2. Texas A&M Aggies 14-2 (4-0), RPI 12, LW: 2

They haven't had the toughest SEC schedule so far, but they do start 4-0 nonetheless.

3. South Carolina Gamecocks 15-0 (2-0), RPI 27, LW: 3

Still the lone undefeated team left in the conference.They go to Tuscaloosa on Wednesday, but I think their next true test isn't until next week when they travel to Oxford.

4. Ole Miss Rebels 12-3 (2-1), RPI 44, LW: 5

Yes, they got blown out at Kentucky, but they do have two solid wins over mid-tier Alabama and Georgia to start conference play.

5. Florida Gators 10-6 (2-2), RPI 25, LW: 4

I wasn't impressed that they lost by 14 at Tennessee last week. The Fever is contagious. They did come close to knocking off A&M in College Station, however.

6. Georgia Bulldogs 8-5 (1-2), RPI 64, LW: 8

At this point of the rankings, everyone is bunched up together. Six through 12 are interchangeable. I'll put the Bulldogs at six after a 1-1 week with a win over Mizzou and a loss at Ole Miss.

7. Alabama Crimson Tide 9-5 (0-2), RPI 62, LW: 6

I couldn't drop them too much because they had the toughest start to the conference schedule at Ole Miss and hosting Kentucky. It doesn't get any easier as they host South Carolina Wednesday night.

8. LSU Tigers 9-6 (2-1), RPI 121, LW: 12

They were complete *insert dookie emoji* in the non-con, but wins over Kentucky and Vanderbilt have me confused on what to do with them.

9. Tennessee Volunteers 8-7 (1-2), RPI 84, LW: 10

They picked up a really nice win over Florida to move them up a spot, but they have no other marquee wins.

10. Arkansas Razorbacks 9-7 (3-1) RPI 104, LW: 11

If they keep up this three point shooting, they will end up with a winning SEC record.

11. Vanderbilt Commodores 9-7 (1-3), RPI 67, LW: 7

I'm going to call it now. This will be Kevin Stallings last year in Nashville, unless he is coaching Belmont.

12. Auburn Tigers 7-8 (1-3), RPI 82, LW: 9

They lost to Mizzou, which is an automatic three spot drop in the polls.

13. Missouri Tigers 8-8 (1-2), RPI 130, LW: 13

They did hold UAPB to 25 total points earlier this year.

14. Mississippi State Bulldogs 7-8 (0-3), RPI 181, LW: 14

Is this an SEC team? Or the HPER all-stars? (We'll give them a bit of credit for being competitive at Rupp on Tuesday)