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Arkansas Recruiting: Commit Highlights - Week 2

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If you're still looking for a pick me up after last Saturday's loss look no further because there is plenty to look forward toin the next class of Razorbacks.

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In this week's breakdown there is plenty of good stuff all over the field, both offensively and defensively, showing the Class of 2016 should be a well-rounded one.

ATH T.J. Hammonds

This week Hammonds showed a good combination of versatility and speed. In the opening play he shows good recognition of the screen pass and stops the play at the line. The best part of the video is the efficiency he shows as a running back. Each run he makes one move and cuts upfield quickly. Hammonds doesn't spend much time going east/west and picked up solid yards each time.

Unfortunately, Hammonds sat out after about the first quarter due to an injury, but it doesn't appear to be serious.

DL Briston Guidry

This poor right tackle had absolutely no shot against Guidry. Two plays Guidry blows right by him on the way to the quarterback. On the final play he makes an inside move look easy and trips up the quarterback for his third sack. One negative note was the personal foul called against him after the second sack.

LB Alexy Jean-Baptiste

Unfortunately not all commits have new videos up this season, but some players will be very frequent visitors to this post and Jean-Baptiste is one of them. There is nothing spectacular about this week but it is very fundamentally sound. About 25 seconds into the video he makes a good pass deflection from the line, and on the last play he makes a good decision and blows up a read option play at the line.

OL Jake Heinrich

This video doesn't spotlight Heinrich, which sucks when looking for a lineman but he's number 75. When watching this for the first thing that shows is that his skill position teammates are just awful, but Heinrich makes some pretty impressive plays. 45 seconds in he throws a lineman back with ease. At about 2:08 with his quarterback scrambling he absolutely lights up the chasing lineman.

WR Kofi Boateng

Again, Boateng isn't spotlighted before each play but it's easier to recognize him in this video since he's scoring touchdowns. 30 seconds in he runs a nice corner route for a touchdown. On the last play he blows right past the cornerback for a 30-yard score.