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Arkansas Tight End C.J. O'Grady Arrested For DWI

The infamous Washington County Detention Center website is showing that Arkansas freshman tight end C.J. O'Grady was arrested early Friday morning for DWI and accessorized with citations for no proof of insurance, no tail light, and minor in possession of alcohol.

This comes literally the day after Sports Illustrated published this article detailing the culture change Bielema has led at Arkansas, which included the fact that football players had an arrest rate of one for every 438 days since Bielema's hire. That number takes a hit today as O'Grady marks the second football arrest of the year.

O'Grady was one of the highest-rated signees in Arkansas' 2015 recruiting class. However, Bielema announced just yesterday that Arkansas was so deep at tight end that they intend to redshirt O'Grady, so whatever punishment Bielema decides to hit O'Grady with shouldn't affect the team on the field this fall. Have to imagine he'll be spending some quality time with Coach Herbert.