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Alex Collins Now 33/1 To Win Heisman Trophy

Arkansas' star running back might be in for an even bigger year than we thought.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

In the wake of Jonathan Williams' regular season-ending foot injury, one thing we know is that Alex Collins is now the undisputed feature running back for the Razorbacks, and as such, he is now listed at 33/1 odds to win the Heisman Trophy, according to Bovada.

Before the injury, both running backs were off the board for Heisman odds, likely because the amount of carries they split with each other would keep them from the type of eye-popping statistics that accompany Heisman winners. But now that Williams is out, Arkansas' coaches will have to split the 200 carries Williams had last season among Collins, Kody Walker, and Rawleigh Williams III. If Collins gets a significant amount of extra carries this year (and, of course, if the Razorbacks win a lot of games this season) it's possible Collins could make a run.

There are only 14 players in the country with better odds of winning than Collins, and only 5 other SEC players (Nick Chubb, Leonard Fournette, Jeremy Johnson, Derrick Henry, and Dak Prescott).

Also, prior to Williams' injury, Bovada had Arkansas at 10/1 to win the SEC and 50/1 to win the national title.