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Summer Hot Takes: Will Darren McFadden Have A Breakout Season for Dallas?

Finally out of Oakland, will Darren McFadden break through and have a career resurgence in Dallas or is the fresh start coming too late for him?

Sometimes we just look for reasons to post McFadden pics
Sometimes we just look for reasons to post McFadden pics
Doug Benc/Getty Images

Derek: We need to define "break through." If break through means turn into an All-Pro running back, then no. But I do think he's capable of breaking the 1,000-yard plateau and setting a career high for yardage behind that offensive line and in that system.

Mitchell: I'm worried that injury may have taken it's toll on DMC, but if anything could reinvigorate him it should be coming to a team like Dallas with a great offense and a top 10 O-line. Really, though, anything is better than Oakland.

Ryan: I think Darren McFadden is going to do his best 2007 impression on the NFL this year. He's going to have Cowboy fans forgetting all about Adrian Peterson.

MarkAs a Redskin fan, it pains me deeply to see him wearing But as a hog and a D-Mac fan, I'm so glad he's out of Oakland. He certainly is in a situation set up for him to "break out." I think he'll enjoy some success in Dallas, likely against the skins (sigh), if he can stay healthy and if they use him wisely.

Adam: Ugh, I have to be a Cowboys fan this year? Damn you, D-MAC! DAMN YOU! (To answer the question, yes, I hope so. If he has a chance, THIS is the team that could give him the best chance to finally shine. Let's hope he gets the chance and his body doesn't fail him.)

ScottieI expect him to have a pretty good year. He's finally, FINALLY, got an offensive line worth anything. I just hope his time in Oakland didn't wear him down physically and he's still got his explosiveness. I don't think we're talking about replacing DeMarco Murray's production by any means, but I believe we'll see he was a good pick-up for Dallas.

Jamie: That offensive line should be a massive help. I'd love to see what he can do on a real team, I wish he'd left dumpster-fire Oakland when his first contract ran up. I think he can have a really nice season if he can stay healthy, that's the key.

Doc: Obviously, I hope he's fantastic. I'm skeptical (but certainly hopeful) that a 7th-year running back will have a career season, but honestly, I'm just glad he's still in the league. KEEP GETTING THEM CHECKS, D-MAC!