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Dominique Reed Reportedly Fully Qualified To Enroll At Arkansas

Excellent news for Arkansas' offense.

According to Hawgs247, Dominique Reed "has cleared all his academic requirements and will enroll at Arkansas in the next summer session." The 4* wide receiver from Camden is apparently set to go for the Razorbacks.

It's potentially a huge boost to the Arkansas passing game as Reed's measurables (6'4", and known as a speedster) are something no other Hog wideout can match. The best-case scenario is that he'll bring a reliable deep threat to the Razorback offense that's been missing for the last few years.

Bret Bielema has stated that he expected everyone who signed with the Hogs in February to be qualified, but it was widely reported that Reed was a high-academic risk. This is the first time we've seen a report saying he's officially good to go. It won't be "officially official" until he actually enrolls and is on campus, and according to Kirk, that should come soon.

Reed will be a junior for the Hogs this fall. He went to high school in Camden, Arkansas.