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Tevin Mitchel Drafted By The Washington Redskins In 6th Round

Mitchel's selection is a bit of a pleasant surprise.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Tevin Mitchel will be joining Martrell Spaight in Washington as the Redskins have picked Mitchel in the 6th round of the draft with the 182nd overall pick.

Mitchel came to Arkansas as a 4* recruit out of Texas in the class of 2011 and was a solid contributor for the Razorbacks throughout most of his four seasons. He suffered a scary neck injury during his sophomore season during the The Game That Must Not Be Named, but by the time he suited up as a senior became a quality DB for the Razorbacks.

He picked off two passes in 2014 including a key interception in the end zone off of Bo Wallace to help preserve Arkansas' shutout against the Rebels. He had a pick-6 as a junior at Rutgers.

Mitchel played in more of a specialized role as a senior in Robb Smith's scheme, so while his tackling numbers might have dropped off a bit, it wasn't because he played any worse. If anything, he was much better in his role as a senior and struggled tackling as a junior.

He finished his career with 90 tackles and four interceptions.

Really great draft day for Mark Carter. Congrats, bro!

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