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Arkansas Razorback Internet Chatter: March 31 - Portis, WBB Attendance, Spring Football AND MORE

Plus, the Tweet of the Week!

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Bobby Portis has a big decision to make. So does Michael Qualls, but let's give the best Arkansas big man since the Big Nasty his due here. The Razorbacks got back to the NCAA tournament, snapping a long drought, largely because of he and his play. Arkansas ended its SEC Tournament losing streak against Tennessee – again – on the back of Portis nearly notching his second 30 and 10 game in the same SEC season after it hadn't been done once before. Understand this article was written back in the middle of March, but I think it's still relevant right now. If Portis goes to the NBA, Arkansas could potentially see a falloff. But if he returns.... /dramatic pause

Jimmy Dykes and the women's basketball team also finished a successful season recently, winning a game in the NCAA tournament before falling hard to Baylor in Waco. But when Jimmy Dykes took the podium almost a year ago at center court in Bud Walton Arena, he told the crowd on hand he needed more butts in the seats and that he wouldn't stand for an empty arena. Well, the arena was kinda empty still, but attendance rose in his first season. Now Dykes needs to show he can recruit if he wants this numbers to gradually improve.

Oh, and spring football resumes today, you guys. I made my feelings about spring football known on Sunday, and the Razorbacks take the practice field again today after a long layoff. This is basically your primer to mentally prepare yourself for all the coach and player speak up until the spring game and then more of it as we head into the summer months!

I'd also be wrong to not share the Hogville thread regarding Portis and Qualls' decision.

And here's an update on former Hog Patrick Beverley's injury from The Dream Shake.

Tweet of the Week

Skull emoji.