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NCAA Selection Show: How To Watch & Arkansas' Final Tournament Projections

Today's the day we finally find everything out!

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Arkansas still has one more game to play, and it's a big one. Most likely, the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee already has a tentative bracket ready to go, and a few contingency plans in case any of the handful of games remaining feature upsets, you know, like Arkansas beating Kentucky or something.

It all comes out tonight. Just in case you need any help, here's where you can watch it all unfold:

Selection Show: 5:00 p.m. CST


Streaming: and CBSSports apps

It's certainly been a season to remember for Arkansas. As of this writing: 26 wins, four top 50 wins including two on the road and one on a neutral court. Eight more top 100 wins. A 7-5 record on the road and getting back to the SEC Championship Game. The 2-seed in the SEC Tournament. If the SEC still had divisions in basketball, the Hogs would have won the West the last two seasons. It's all led to a locked up bid in the Tournament. One of three from the SEC along with Kentucky and Georgia. LSU and Ole Miss were thought to be locks but disastrous SEC Tournament results have placed them on the bubble. Texas A&M lost their bid over the last couple of weeks.

Here are the final projections for the Razorbacks:

ESPN: 5-seed in Jacksonville vs Buffalo. The winner would play the Baylor/Valparaiso winner.

CBS: 5-seed vs Valparaiso in Portland. The winner would play West Virginia or Eastern Washington.

SB Nation: 4-seed vs Harvard in Seattle. The winner would play the Louisville/Stephen F. Austin winner. Interestingly, they're not as big on Georgia as some of the other projections and think Arkansas might have knocked the Bulldogs out yesterday.

FOX Sports: 4-seed vs Northeastern in Seattle. The winner would play the Butler/Stephen F. Austin winner.

USA Today: 5-seed vs Wyoming. Location unspecified. The Cowboys weren't expected to make the field but they just won the MWC Tournament to secure a bid.

Yahoo!: First of the 6-seeds, number 21 overall.

Bracket Matrix: last of the  5-seeds. That's the average among all brackets.

It will be interesting to see how it shakes out. Ranging from a 4-seed to a 6-seed is a wide range of possibilities.