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Arkansas Razorbacks Bracketology NCAA Tournament Projections: February 16th

President's Day Bracketology sale. Everyone's pretty high on the Hogs.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

If you don't count the Baseball sweep or Manny's last second shot to beat Ole Miss, my favorite moment from the weekend was hearing Gameday mention the Hogs as a team that could potentially be this year's UCONN.  Though, I think I'd rather have a higher seed than UCONN had last season, and as winners of 7 of their last 8 games, the Hogs have all but punched a ticket.  The question now becomes how high will they be seeded?

Last week, we discussed how RPI is actually calculated, but how does that get used?  When you look at a team's resume, like Arkansas's, what are the big things a team needs to have to make the field of 68?

Obviously, a winning record is important, and usually teams won't even be considered for at large bids f they don't have at least 20 wins but what's more important is the record against the different sets of RPI.  Arkansas is 5-2 against the RPI top 50, 7-5 against the top 100, and 11-5 against the top 150.  Additionally, they have no losses outside of the top 100. That's a good resume.

Last season, those same numbers went 3-5 top 50, 9-8 top 100, and 12-11 against the top 150.  Obviously much better this season.

All that being said, here's what Arkansas' new and improved resume has gotten them according to the bracketologists

  • ESPN: 6-seed in Columbus vs the winner of the UCLA vs Illinois play-in game. The winner would play the Notre Dame/William & Mary winner. A little disappointing the Hogs' win in Oxford didn't bump them up to a 5-seed.
  • CBS: 5-seed in Jacksonville vs Valparaiso, with the winner playing the Northern Iowa/Harvard winner.
  • Yahoo! Sports: 4-seed. They don't fill out a full bracket but just seed all the teams. They have the Hogs as #14.
  • Sports Illustrated: 5-seed vs Wofford in the first round (doesn't specify location). The winner would face the Butler/Eastern Washington winner.
  • Fox Sports: 5-seed vs Valparaiso in Jacksonville. The winner would play the North Carolina/Sam Houston winner.
  • SB Nation: 6-seed in Louisville vs the Purdue/Xavier play-in game winner.

USA Today hasn't updated since before Saturday's games, when Arkansas was a pretty solid 6-seed.

  • USA Today: (not updated since Sunday) 6-seed vs St. John's (they don't project which teams go to which location). The winner would play the Louisville/Buffalo winner.