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After the 'Eh' of UTM, How About Arkansas Breaks Serve Against Ole Miss?

Can the D duplicate its November gel from 2014?

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Watching Razorbacks run up and down the field is a pleasure, regardless of the circumstances.

But BVC said it best in his typically brilliant post-game assessment of UT-Martin.


That's pretty much the take from a 63-28 win over a pretty good FCS team, but an FCS team nonetheless.

Nothing to get excited about, frankly. Aside from the fact that our defenders were among those Razorbacks running up and down the field, in pursuit of Auburn-lite receivers who used the middle of our D like a dog run, it was the expected scrimmage.

A quick few takeaways (and yes, it's way past time to put this one to bed):

  • Giving up 510 yards isn't encouraging, again, regardless of the circumstances. Our LB corps needs help. Jordan Carmouche may prove to be a significant pickup.
  • AC deserved the success and inflated stats he had on Saturday. He was impressive.
  • We continue to under-utilize our tight ends. Henry and Sprinkle are matchup nightmares. Exploit them.
  • Would've loved to have seen Austin get more reps and Rafe Peavey get any...

Saturday represents another of those "free shots" to which we've become so accustomed. Big picture, not much to lose this week in Oxford aside from opportunity.

Bringing Ramirez down to the LB level may be a good fix. These guys are learning on the fly as we adjust our defense to fill holes, but Santos brings a big stick. Here's hoping he puts himself in position to use it on a black bear or three.

The defense gelled this time last season. UT-Martin was a sleepwalk, but if we're gonna have another November to remember, some light bulbs need to pop on.

6-6 and a relative save await if we can hold serve in the remaining two home games. But wouldn't it be nice to start the stretch run by breaking serve in Oxford?