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Arkansas Recruiting - Commit Videos Week 9

Let's check in on the next group of Razorbacks.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Razorbacks got a new commit in Jordan Carmouche, an OLB from Manvel, Texas. In addition to the Hogs adding another linebacker, a position they need some depth in, I was initially excited to add another player to the list of videos to breakdown in this piece. Alas, Carmouche's videos on Hudl, the site they come from, are all listed as private so we can't use them here :(

Grayson Gunter

Most of this video showcases Gunter lining up in the slot rather than tight end. This is good because Dan Enos has shown he likes to have some versatility in his tight ends. Both Hunter Henry and Jeremy Sprinkle have been lining up at multiple positions this season and it looks like he can do the same. He also has a nice touchdown catch even though he was the only player in the same zip code as the ball. The final play seems a little strange, even though he is clearly the release valve for the quarterback, he just kind of stands there for a couple seconds. Waiting to see if the quarterback will make it that far on the progression.

Cole Kelley

It is getting harder to post videos without getting a little repetitive or showing the same players every week, so Kelley's video comes from the playoffs his junior year. He shows off some pretty good playmaking ability in this video. He has two deep balls where he puts a nice touch on the ball and lets he receivers run under the ball to make the play. In addition to that he also gets a lot of velocity behind a couple throws when he needs to. This video is particularly impressive because of the variety of throws he can already make.

De'Jon Harris

The first play is the only one at linebacker on the video, where he makes a nice stop plugging the hole and driving the running back backwards. There were plenty of highlights of Harris at quarterback because the opposing defense was on the struggle bus when it came to defending the read option. Harris had three rushing touchdowns in the video. The longest of the three was the most impressive, he follows his blockers and is able to run past the defensive backs with relative ease.

Alexy Jean-Baptiste

All of the linebackers committed are featured in this week's breakdown (well, sort of. #freeCarmouche). Jean-Baptiste is the one with the most play at linebacker in his video tis week. He starts by making a couple of plays on kickoff coverage, but then he has the most impressive play of the week from a Razorback commit. His sack off the edge is exactly what the Razorbacks have been missing this season and will be welcome in 2016. The final play is a nice chase down tackle from behind on a running back who has made it to the next level.