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Internet Chatter: Allen's Masterpiece, The Golden Boot and Houston Nutt Haunts LSU

There is plenty of content between last week's thriller and the upcoming battle for the boot.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

If you are still living off the high of last week's thriller over Ole Miss, I don't blame you. It was another great finish in a year filled with memorable endings. It was so great it inspired the Razorback golf teams to head out to Razorback Stadium and reenact "the Immaculateral" in the only way they know how, and the video for it is pretty great.

In last week's feature, one article questioned if Brandon Allen could take the next step and win a road game. Allen answered all his critics and then some. He painted his Mona Lisa against the Rebels, going 33-45 for 442 yards and a school record six touchdowns. He unquestionably led the team to a huge win, even to the point where the Oxford Police Department was getting calls about his crimes against Ole Miss' defense. The win was the best performance of Allen's career and now everyone is singing his praises, especially Chris Low of

Now the Hogs head to Baton Rouge where the two teams are coming in from completely different games. The Tigers are on the other end of the emotional spectrum after Alabama dominated them and shut down their superstar Leonard FournetteOur own Doc Harper talked to And The Valley Shook for a pair of nifty previews on Arkansas-LSUSB Nation also has a refresher on just how weird this game can get. If you're feeling nostalgic it also has some pretty good clips of previous Battles for the Boot. The game might not be the Friday after Thanksgiving or the biggest rivalry in the SEC but it has year in and year out produced some of the wildest games of the season.

At the center of the Arkansas/LSU rivalry in the 2000s was the unforgettable and very quotable Houston Nutt. One of the most memorable games ended with Nutt campaigning for Darren McFadden to win the Heisman and McFadden bringing that wood. Here is a pretty interesting Q&A with Nutt, he makes some pretty interesting comments on LSU games past like the Miracle on Markham, where Matt Jones had completed just two passes before the final drive and the mindset he took into overtime.