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Arkansas Film Breakdown: Top 3 Plays Offense vs LSU

The Arkansas offense broke some big plays in this one.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Boot will stay in Fayetteville thanks in no small part to three big offensive plays that resulted in 21 points for the Hogs, plays that have been pretty hard to come by for the Razorbacks this year. Here they are, ranked and broken down:


2nd and 10 Midfield, no score. This play breaks the game open.

LSU has a blitz off the edge but disguises it all the way up to the snap. Dominique Reed sees the safety sit back on the corner route by the inside WR and settles to give Allen the hot option. After Reed makes the catch everyone thinks it's a basic 5-6 yard gain, leaving a manageable third down. However, the speedy WR makes a move on two LSU defenders and picks up a block by Cornelius on the way to leaving everyone else in the dust. That kind of pure speed is a welcome sight.


80 yards and a cloud of dust. Another 2nd and 10. Enos calls for a shotgun set with Drew Morgan in motion. This freezes the LSU linebackers (several different looks on film this season out of this) giving Collins a chance to knife through the middle.

#45 at linebacker for LSU and FS #29 both jump outside seeing Tretola pulling and can not even react to Collins running right through the A Gap.

The patience and vision in the beginning of this play by Collins is incredible. Also the key block by Hunter Henry on the DE by himself turns this play from an 8-10 yarder into an 80 yarder.


This play dashed any hopes of a comeback for the Tigers. Jared Cornelius took an end around for a 69 yard TD. This 1st down play uses more misdirection and the overaggressive nature of the LSU defense. #33 from the SS spot is creeping down into the box at the snap and crashes inside leaving no alley defender. The DE tackles Kody Walker without the ball who makes a great fake, and Sprinkle seals the middle backer.

The key to this play going the distance is Reed as the WR on the outside. LSU is in man to man coverage and Reed powers off the line like he is running a deep route. The defender has no choice but to run with him, and when he does finally realize it is a run play Reed returns the favor of a block to get Cornelius in the end zone.

Great play calling and gameplan. Misdirection against an over pursuing defense, unpredictable formations and mixing up run pass tendencies. Keep it rolling with more of the same against Mississippi State, more of the same.