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Reasons to Hate: LSU

I mean, just look at this guy.

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It's November, and they remember what you do in November.  Will LSU remember what happened last year?  I doubt they can forget.  Remember the hate from last year?  Combine that, a little wintry mix, and LSU tucked their tiger tails and ran all the way back to Baton Rouge after a 17-0 shutout.  Last week, the Hogs needed a little late game magic to tame Ole Miss who they similarly blanked 30-0 in 2014, but it's 2015 and it's LSU week, and who knows if we'll need the late game magic, we'll always bring the hate!

Reasons to Hate

1. Raising Cane's. I recently took a visit down to LSU country, and one of the first things I saw leaving the airport was Les Miles on a billboard for Raising Cane's (chicken finger chain that started in Baton Rouge). Todd Graves's chicken fingers are one of the best things to ever come out of that town, but they've gone too far - they infiltrated Fayetteville this year. Fayetteville already has its local chicken finger joint, Slim Chickens, which has far superior sauces. On top of that, they placed Cane's in a truly terrible location on the corner of Millsap and College. What used to be an intersection with fairly light traffic is now often congested with people trying to turn into and out of the entrance on Millsap. During lunch and dinner rushes, it's a cluster. People used to take Millsap to get to the hospital. Now they have to hope they don't get stuck on the road or take a less-direct route.

I hope all of you are boycotting Cane's this week.

2. Abita Purple Haze. Abita is a good brewery.  I like most of their beer.  Their most popular beer for awhile was Purple Haze (also the name of LSU's Ultimate Frisbee team), and I hate it.  Who wants fake raspberry flavoring in their beer just because they have ancillary ties to the color purple and LSU.

[Editor's Note: I can't go along with this one. Purple Haze is quite tasty. Also, the Abita Strawberry they do each spring is fantastic. Carry on.]

3. Death Valley. Okay, so whenever LSU fans talk about Arkansas, they complain about War Memorial or even Fayetteville, but they act like Death Valley is God's gift to mankind. Night games there are supposed to be insane. Look, it's a football stadium. It's big. It's loud. Just like most of the others.

I saw the construction they did on the South and East sides, and the facade is good for recruits because they can't see what it really looks like underneath.  That stadium used to be dorms... they built the stadium on top of dorms. To get a tax break.

These dorms are now abandoned and dilapidated.  I walked on the field at Death Valley... they have these dumb traditions like painting all the numbers on the field because Tigers don't know what comes between 10 and 20.  They have H style uprights and their team walks through them while the other team doesn't.  They say only winners walk through those uprights, but I seem to remember Darren McFadden and company not giving a flip about uprights in 2007.  I don't think Brandon Allen cares how he walks into the stadium on Saturday.  The uprights have zero determination on the outcome of the game.

4. Mean Fans. I just want to say that every time I've dealt with a mean fan, other LSU fans have backed me up majorly in the situation.  For the most part, their fans are great, but I hate that they get these people the drive into Baton Rouge on their fan boats and try to pick fights with Razorback fans all the while yelling Tiger Bait. I love Louisianans, but I don't love the people that make it their job to show me a bad time.  I'll leave that to the football field.

5. The constant, incessant insistence that they never cared about our game. It's fine if they care more about Alabama or Ole Miss or Florida or Tulane or whoever, but it seems they constantly roll their eyes when it comes to Arkansas. Please.

6. Last Year. Last year was awesome.  Nothing to hate about it.  What I do hate is that LSU fans didn't understand why we rushed the field or were that pumped up.  It hasn't been that long since LSU went through a similar slump to the Hogs.  Gerry Dinardo is a name that will just send shivers down every LSU fans spine, and it should.  Gerry Dinardo took over for Curley Hallman(who did nothing for the Tigers) and took them to three bowls in the first 3 years, but the wheels fell off in 4-7 and 2-8 final seasons for Gerry.  So, next time that LSU is mocking Arkansas for celebrating breaking a 17 game SEC losing streak, after winning in awesome fashion, just wish another Gerry Dinardo on them, and remind them that if they get rid of the Hat, that's what's in their future.