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Reasons to Hate: Auburn

Alright all you Razorback fans. Let's stand up and feel that Rage!

Auburn lifted the SEC championship trophy in 2013.  I HATE that!
Auburn lifted the SEC championship trophy in 2013. I HATE that!
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It's back.  After nearly two whole seasons our remorse is gone and it's Reasons to Hate, the Auburn edition.  With the start of the season being an SEC team, the schedule is already kicked into high gear and it's time to Hate.


1. We made Gus Malzahn. Okay we didn't make him, but he was an Arkansas coach first.  He came up in our schools, in our state, and then coached at Arkansas.  Many Arkansas fans hate Gus because of the drama during the 2006 season, then coaching Arkansas' opponents and recruiting Arkansas in-state targets. Some hate Gus because he's not on our sideline.  Whether that's his fault or our fault doesn't really matter.  Gus is a target of hate in this state.

2. Worst to First. Auburn was 3-9 (0-8) during the 2012 season. During that same season, Arkansas went 4-8 (2-6).  While Auburn staged an epic turn around amassing 9 more total wins and 7 more conference wins than 2012 (LUCK LUCKskillskillLUCK LUCK), Arkansas stumbled and fell further into the abyss.

3. 2006 - Hogs win on the plains. Now bear with me here, but I kinda hate Gus and Auburn for the 2006 game right now.  I try not to have any illusions about what will happen on Saturday, but the 2006 game from 8 years ago is still sticking around in the back of my mind.  What happens if we run the ball successfully, and Auburn struggles because of their missing pieces? This darn hope could make Saturday much more painful.

4. Tigers hurting Arkansas QBs. Yeah, I'm going back to 2010.  Ryan Mallett was concussed by a cheap shot artist in Nick Fairley that resulted in Arkansas pressing Tyler Wilson into service.  Granted Wilson didn't really miss a beat until a couple of mistakes late in the game that you can't say for certain Mallett wouldn't have made, but  when I think about the controversial calls and the concussion to Mallett and the eff-you touchdown by Michael Dyer at the end I just go BERSERK.

And don't forget last year, when Allen was cleated and had to have his leg stapled shut due to the deep gash.  This turned a promising opening drive for Arkansas into an AJ Derby interception on 2nd and 9.  Derby would fumble on the next drive setting up Auburn for a quick score. I'm sure the injury caused Allen to struggle after he got back into the game.

5. 22.5 points? That was the opening spread for this game.  It has now dropped to 20.5 points based on overwhelming bets for the Hogs to cover, but the level of disrespect with a line that large has Hog fans wanting to boil over.

6. Nick Marshall. He's being disciplined for a marijuana possession citation by being told he won't start against Arkansas. What does that mean?  Are they putting in Jeremy Johnson for 1 play and then bringing Marshall?  What will all of the fans think if Auburn struggles and then they play all of a sudden Marshall comes in randomly in the second quarter?Shame on Nick Marshall for failing to be a leader to his team, and shame on Malzahn for enforcing a wavy gravy limp noodle form of justice that calls into question the character and discipline of his team.  You can definitely hate on Auburn for winning the wrong way.  It's nice to see that at Arkansas, when it happens it will be the right way.

7. Bruce Pearl. Ehh...  We'll save that for the basketball edition.

Let me know in the comments why you hate Auburn, and remember the "hate" that we spew is all in good fun and shouldn't be targeted to other members of our community and shouldn't be showing up in the comments of our other SBNation sites.  You stay classy with that hate.