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Where Does Mike Anderson Rank Among College Basketball Coaches?

If you're trying to rank college basketball coaches, where does Mike Anderson rank?

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

The world wide leader recently unveiled their efforts to determine the best coaches in college basketball.  They have released numbers 50 - 25, which included 25 more coaches that were left off the list.

After reviewing the list, Mike Anderson was not listed among the 50 - 25, and was also not listed in the 25 names that were left off the list.  Which would lead me to guess, they are either ranking him really high (too high?) or they are saying he is not one of the 75 best coaches in college basketball.

I'm not sure where to put my allegiances on this one.  On the one hand, he has taken teams to the NCAA tournament at multiple schools (not this one of course.....yet), and he's even been to the Elite Eight as recently as 6 seasons ago.  We've all watched him turn around a program that was definitely floundering and put Arkansas in a position to beat some teams the Hogs probably shouldn't beat.

However, I think his being left out of the top 75 (potentially) is going to be what happens.  His road record and his lack of recent success will haunt him until those things go away. We'll keep watching this ranking and let you know if Mike is unveiled as a top 25 coach, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

At the same time, if you put Mike Anderson in a cage with any of these coaches ranked in the top 75.... you better help that other coach.