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Arkansas Razorbacks Spring Practice Report - April 1st

Jim Cheney and several offensive players met with the media following practice.

The April 1st practice was closed to everybody, so there wasn't a whole lot of relevant updates out of the media tonight.

"We didn't install very much offense today," Coach Chaney said. "We had some mistakes, some stuff we hadn't been doing. It kind of comes with it, I think. For the most part their attitude was good and their effort was fine. I was pleased with them today. I don't remember a lot of turnovers, which is usually what takes place after break. I didn't see that, so I was pleased."

Well, those turnovers either didn't happen or he forgot about them since he doesn't remember them. I suppose that's good.

As for how the team responded after being off a week for spring break:

"I think they recalled a lot," Coach Chaney said. "Coach (Bielema) talks a lot about 'recall and install.' Recall what you've done and install the new stuff. The challenge will come on Thursday when we install third down. Third down creates a lot more volume for them. We'll have a lot more new concepts for the young wide outs, Cody (Hollister) and Jared (Cornelius), and the young quarterbacks learning the stuff all over again. It will be a learning curve on third down. Hopefully, we'll do fine with it and work some of the wrinkles out."

Hollister and Cornelius have both been frequently mentioned by the coaching staff so far this spring. D'Arthur Cowan, if you recall, is skipping spring practice to focus on academics and Demetrius Wilson is practicing although not 100% recovered from his ACL injury. Not seeing much about Keon Hatcher or Drew Morgan. But, of course, it's still very early in the spring.

Brandon Allen still seems entrenched in the starter's role, and I'm only seeing positive things said about him. Probably still too early to declare anybody his #2.

Korliss Marshall is still at running back and getting to work on being a more complete back. There were rumors flaring up late last week regarding Alex Collins' status with the program. He was apparently at practice today although he did not speak to the media afterward.

Also seeing reports that Mitch Smothers moved ahead of Grady Ollison today. I expect the offensive line rotation to shuffle around through the spring. Although it would be nice to have as solid a group of linemen as possible by the time the Spring Game rolls around.

The Hogs' next practice will be Thursday, and it will be closed to the public but open to the media. Saturday's scrimmage is currently set up similarly but there are rumors it may be open to the public. If so, that likely won't be announced until after Thursday's practice or Friday.