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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: March 31, 2014 - Jimmy Dykes, Football Notes, Dusty Hannahs

News, notes and interesting reads for Hog fans.

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Dykes Hiring – I was ready to lace up and go play ball after listening to Jimmy Dykes' introduction speech Sunday night in Bud Walton Arena. I know a lot of people don't like him because of his broadcasts, which I don't really understand, but you'd be hard pressed to find a man that stands for something, and knows and understands the game of basketball at the level Dykes does. Dykes made a bevy of promises Sunday night in regards to recruiting and filling the seats for home games. Here's to hoping he comes through on them. Welcome aboard, Mr. Dykes. Here is the press conference writeup I wrote for the Arkansas Traveler.

Expanding Roles – There is no question that several players need to step up and make a splash in 2014 if Arkansas hopes to not repeat its miserable and embarrassing 3-9 (0-8) season. Players like Alex Collins, Hunter Henry and Jonathan Williams were truly the only bright spots for the Razorbacks during their season of turmoil. We know the key pieces that make the team go, but who are some others that will see larger roles and help contribute to the team's success? We have answers.

Trey FlowersHe didn't have to come back. He chose to. He believed in what Bret Bielema was preaching, and hung around to help set the foundation for the future of Arkansas football. Those are the kind of guys a fan base can get behind. Trey Flowers' time at Arkansas has been anything but easy. As a freshman, he and Arkansas were on top of the CFB world after a Cotton Bowl win and top five final ranking. It's all come crashing down since then, but he's stuck it out. Now, due to the lack of continuity within the program during his stay in Fayetteville, Flowers is out his senior year to provide the leadership that has been missing for most of his career.

Dusty Hannahs? – A little over a week ago, Little Rock native and former Pulaski Academy sharpshooter Dusty Hannahs was granted his release from Texas Tech. Where could Hannahs land? Is Arkansas a possibility? Mike Anderson did not offer Hannahs out of PA, but could it work a second time around? With all these questions, we now turn it to the people at Hogville to determine. I would sure love to have Hannahs on board. The Hogs would have killed for another sharpshooter like him this season.

Tweet of the Week

This may have flown under the radar for the most part Sunday with the hiring of Jimmy Dykes and all, but Arkansas football commit Jamario Bell tweeted (then deleted) that he may be transferring to North Little Rock High School from 2A football powerhouse Junction City. You may forget, I don't know how, that Bell shattered a backboard in a basketball game this season after a thunderous slam. But KJ Hill and Bell... on the same football team? Then on the same basketball team? Oh. My. God. Just give NLR all of the state titles.