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NIT Schedule - Round 2 - TV Info

The ultimate quest to crown the 2014 NIT WORLD CHAMPION continues...

NITmania stops for no one (except parts of the NCAA Tournament, but other than that, NO ONE).

Friday, March 21st
Robert Morris @ Belmont 8:30 PM CST ESPNU/WatchESPN
Saturday, March 22nd
Louisiana Tech @ Georgia 10:00 AM CST ESPN/WatchESPN
Sunday, March 23rd
Illinois @ Clemson 10:00 AM CST ESPN/WatchESPN
Saint Mary's @ Minnesota 2:00 PM CST ESPN2/WatchESPN
Southern Miss @ Missouri 4:00 PM CST ESPNU/WatchESPN
Monday, March 24th
Georgetown @ Florida State 6:00 PM CST ESPN/WatchESPN
Arkansas @ California 10:00 PM CST ESPN2/WatchESPN