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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: February 3

Who is going to catch #SECBasketballFever this week?

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

1. Florida 19-2 (8-0), RPI 5, LW: 1

The Gators are looking more and more like a #1 seed every game. They are up to #3 in the AP poll and their two losses are road games against RPI top 35 teams. Interesting nugget: Arkansas scored 82 points against them and that is 20 more points than any other SEC has scored against the Gators in conference so far.

2. Kentucky 16-5 (6-2), RPI 13, LW: 2

The Wildcats did a good job bouncing back after a road loss against LSU and beating Missouri in Columbia. I’m still waiting on the Feb. 15 showdown with Florida.

3. Ole Miss 15-6 (6-2), RPI 56, LW: 3

It is hard to believe they are one Marshall Henderson-less loss to Mississippi State away from being ahead of Kentucky in the SEC Standings. Andy Katz just wrote a nice piece about the recent maturity of Henderson and their matchup against Kentucky.

4. Tennessee 14-7 (5-3), RPI 40, LW: 5

The Volunteers have figured out how to beat the RPI. They only played three teams with a 200+ RPI (not including the D-II school that won’t count as win when the selection committee discusses them). While they only have 2-4 record vs RPI top 50 teams, they never seem to fall off the bubble.

5. LSU 14-6 (5-3), RPI 54, LW: 6

Only four of their next 10 games are against teams that have a better RPI than 100. They could very well be 8-3 in SEC play the next time they roll into Bud Walton.

6. Vanderbilt 12-8 (4-4), RPI 70, LW: 12

With head-to-head victories over Missouri and Georgia, I couldn’t put either of those teams above the Commodores. They have a shot at both Tennessee and Arkansas in Nashville this week. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they come out 2-0 for the week.

7. Georgia 10-10 (4-4), RPI 137, LW: 4

The Bulldogs are on a three game losing streak, but the win over Missouri keeps them above the Tigers.

8. Missouri 16-5 (4-4), RPI 51, LW: 7

Their conference wins are Auburn, Alabama, South Carolina, and Arkansas. What about that inclines me to move them up in the power rankings?

T-9. Mississippi State 13-8 (3-5), RPI 147, LW: 9

T-9. Texas A&M 12-9 (3-5), RPI 140, LW: 10

T-9. Alabama 9-12 (3-5), RPI 110, LW: 8

There is nothing to differentiate between these teams tied for 9th. They all have a victory over a team that was dying of #SECBasketballFever at the time.

12. Arkansas 13-8 (2-6), RPI 85, LW: 11

When Alandise Harris and Michael Qualls were suspended indefinitely (they have both been reinstated) some fans were saying Mike Anderson has lost control like he is Mark Richt. Chris Bahn takes us down memory lane and reminds us what "losing control" really looks like.

13. Auburn 10-9 (2-6), RPI 162, LW: 14

This is how bad the SEC is: if Auburn wins at South Carolina on Wednesday, they will have won three games in a row which is considered a winning streak.

14. South Carolina 8-13 (1-7), RPI

If you have a love for #SECBasketballFever, check out the Auburn vs. USCe game on Wednesday night.