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Michael Qualls, Alandise Harris Suspended Indefinitely From Arkansas Basketball

The Razorbacks will be without the pair for the LSU game, and possibly beyond.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Arkansas announced Saturday morning that both Michael Qualls and Alandise Harris are suspended indefinitely from the basketball program due to "conduct detrimental to the team."

Neither player made the trip to Baton Rouge for Saturday's game against LSU. It's unknown if the suspension will extend to any further games.

From Mike Anderson:

"All of our student-athletes are held to a high standard and everyone is accountable for their actions," said Anderson. "We are trying to build the ultimate team and everyone has to be on board to make that happen. Our expectations of our student-athletes is that they reflect positively on themselves and our program at all times and that they enter each day as a Razorback with a positive attitude that helps us continue to grow this program."

We'll have to wait and see how this affects the team. Both Qualls and Harris have been inconsistent since conference play began. Harris averaged 10 points per game in the first four SEC games, but over the last three, he's scored just five total points, had two rebounds, and his minutes had been cut to just eight per game.

Qualls had a monster game against Missouri, scoring 16 points on 6-13 shooting. But we don't know if Qualls turned the corner into the player we saw in non-conference play or if that was an anomaly. In the three games before Missouri, Qualls scored just nine points on 3-20 shooting in 67 minutes.

Arkansas' best road performance to date was the SEC game, when the pair combined for 14 minutes and one point.

With these two out, a huge factor could be the health of Jacorey Williams, who has only played two minutes out of the last game and a half. Williams was performing well prior to halftime of the Auburn game, but has played so sparingly since then you can't help but wonder how healthy he is. Williams and Moses Kingsley are the only other bench players with size and rebounding ability. It'll be interesting to see how many minutes those two play.

We can also probably expect more minutes from senior guards Mardracus Wade and possibly Rickey Scott. Scott hasn't played since logging four minutes in the Tennessee game.